I know it doesn’t exactly feel like spring yet, but I’m fully embracing the whole ‘spring clean’ thing just now.

One thing I’m guilty of not having a clear out of enough is my makeup bag so I’m trying to make a conscious effort to keep everything clean, organised and only use products I actually like.

W E L C O M E  T O  W O N D E R L A ND

Keeping in with my makeup bag refresh, one brand I’ve recently added to the mix is some gorgeous pieces from Wonderland.

The brand got in touch with me and introduced me to their cruelty-free makeup, all at an affordable price and without compromising the quality of our products.

I chose a few of their bestsellers to try out – and thought I’d share with you, just in time for the new season!

P R I M E  +  P R O P E R

A makeup bag staple, a good primer is a good place to start. This Studio Finish Primer is £15 and goes on effortlessly. It’s lightweight and oil-free, too so your skin feels like it can really breathe.

E Y E  S E E  Y O U

As someone who will always opt for a strong eye look over a bright lip any day, I thought I’d try out the loose pigment powder in ‘Hazmatt’, a gorgeous bright terracotta pigment with a little sparkle.

The Wonderland product I’ve probably used the most, though, is the eyeshadow. Highly pigmented and velvety smooth, the product goes on like a dream and is worth way more than the £7 price tag. I’ve been using it to really finish a smokey eye and it’s constantly in my makeup bag now.

What other products are you using just now that I should know about? Let me know!

This product contains gifted product. All opinions my own.

I’m not the biggest Valentine’s Day kinda gal – it’s not I don’t like the day, it’s just not something we’re really big on.

I appreciate some nice flowers as much as the next person, but got a bit carried away when looking at some of the cute V-Day appropriate gifts. I hope you like some of my Valentines Day picks and have a great 14th Feb!

We’ve made it to February! After approx 153 days of January, I’m totally ready for this new month!
It might not be time for full on spring fashion just yet, but these 30 fashion finds are giving me all the new season vibes.
Pastels, greys and plenty of gold has me waving goodbye to the winter warmers.

C L I C K  I T E M  T O  S H O P

    \\ S W I P E   R I G H T  F O R  M O R E  //

So, if you’ve read my post here explaining a little (okay, a lot) on what’s been happening with me recently, you’ll know I’ve not had the best of times in the past few months.

However, things are getting better every day and although I’ve been trying to limit screen time, there are a few apps that have helped on the way. Of course, I’m not for a minute saying these will cure you of feeling anxious, but they are little things I find can give you a boost.

1 | H E A D S P A C E

Perfect for meditation first timers, Headspace is free to download, but you will need to pay for a subscription if you want to keep using. It is a really good way to introduce yourself to the world of meditation, mindfulness and giving yourself, well, a bit of head space.


2 |  I N S I G H T  T I M E R

Meditation is something I had never tried before and, as much as Headspace helped me during the early days, I was still struggling to sleep at night and feel rested. Insight Timer is amazing and is completely free with thousands of meditation recordings, from deep relaxation to have you in an undisturbed sleep to meditations to have you feeling motivated for the day ahead. Simply plug your headphones in and relax…


3 | 1 S E C O N D  E V E R Y D A Y  (1 S E)

It was actually Yasmin from The Girl with the Big Hair who told me about 1SE last year and I’ve been using it since the start of the year. It’s basically an app where you record one second every day, combining it into full video to look back on. I kind of lost the motivation to do the clips when I was first off work, but it’s actually become part of my routine – it really makes me see all the lovely yet simple things that happen each day that you might overlook. Admittedly about 90% of my clips are of my boyfriend’s dog!


4 | H O R M O N O L O G Y

I saw Roz from Sweet Rosie Jewellery tweet about Hormonology when I was feeling extra emosh (thanks so much, hormones) that I had to check it out. It’s actually helped me understand my cycle a lot more and gives me a bit of hope that actually sometimes your mood isn’t to do with grief and anxiety – it’s to do with being a woman at certain times of the month. It basically gives you a heads up on when you’re best doing certain things and when you might be feeling particularly rubbish. It also gives you a few lols with some of the predictions!


5 | M Y  F I T N E S S  P A L

When Leanne Conroy started me on My Fitness Pal for the Female Fitness Programme, I was a wee bit terrified. Tracking my food seemed so precise and scary, but I actually love it now! This free app allows you to set your calories and macro nutrition goals so it helps make sure you’re getting the right about of calories and protein each day and you can compare it day to day. It may seem odd to include this, but it truly gave me control over an aspect of my life when everything felt a bit scary and it makes me feel like I’m achieving something when I hit my goals.


Are there any apps you can’t live without? I’d love to hear any suggestions!

 –  E N G A G E M E N T S  +  S U R P R I S E S  –

In April this year, my sister got engaged – in front of Cinderella’s castle in Disneyland Florida, no less! She asked me to be her chief bridesmaid during the summer and, since I wasn’t really feeling myself, I hadn’t managed to organise anything for her.

Beth and her fiance, Greig, had an engagement party in August, where we celebrated into the wee small hours alongside her other bridesmaids; Greig’s two sisters, Fiona and Kirsty, and Beth’s best friends, Natalie and Heather.

With the months flying past so quickly, we hadn’t managed to get a bridesmaid day out – until now!

 –  C O T E  B R A S S E R I E  –

As you’ll know from my blog post before, I love Cote Brasserie Glasgow for a Sunday brunch. I knew the team would be so helpful and the food (and Champagne, of course) is always amazing.

I got in touch with the brasserie who kindly had a table ready and waiting for our arrival – complete with a bottle of Champagne chilling!

I worked with Scottish favours company, Just A Wee Favour, to create little mementos for the bridesmaids and Beth and headed in early to set up. You’ll see in my video below that I was just a tad nervous!

 –  C H A M P A G N E  B R U N C H  –

I’m so glad we pulled it off and managed to surprise Beth. I’ve never surprised anyone before so I was scared I’d mess it up!

I must have looked nervous when I had finished decorating the table as Cote’s lovely manager even gave me a mimosa to calm my nerves!

I loved the relaxed vibes of our brunch – it was such a perfect setting to mark our first bridesmaids day out!

 –  T H E  L I T T L E  D E T A I L S  –

As I said, I worked with Just A Wee Favour on these custom made gifts.

There was a gorgeous ivory box for Beth and pink for us bridesmaids. They all had a cute little Lulu Guinness Vaseline, scent bag and heart shaped chocolate. The girls all loved them, such a nice reminder of the day.

 –  W A T C H  T H E  V I D E O  –

 –  S T  E N O C H  C E N T R E  –

You’ll know from previous blog posts that I love the St Enoch Centre for a spot of shopping. With all my faves, including Debenhams, Topshop and H&M, I could not wait to see what the centre had in store (excuse the pun) for the festive season!

After a fabulous summer event, I knew they would pull out all the prosecco stops (I’m sorry, I really don’t know where all the dad joke puns are coming from) for Christmas – and I was not wrong!

There were plenty of sequins, the most fabulous photobooth set up and even a beauty vending machine which led to #ShopStEnoch trending!

 –  W H A T  I  W O R E  –

It’s the cosiest fashion time of the year, so of course a thick knit was my go-to! This one is from Pretty Little Thing last year, but there’s a similar one here.

I also wore my new black flares from Topshop (£20). They are super stretchy, super comfy and super stylish – ideal for days shopping or dressed up for a party night out.

My trusty Gucci belt was on too and my current fave baker boy hat from Miss Selfridge.

–  E X T R A  S P E C I A L  –

You might have read how much I love the Mon Guerlain scent in my autumn beauty picks post. I’ve been using it non-stop and they even gave me the matching candle, which I’ve been putting off lighting because it’s just too pretty!

Luckily, Christmas came early as the lovely Harriet from Guerlain gave me a little gift. Exclusive to Debenhams, the new set includes a 100ml AND a 30ml bottle for £105 (if you bought them separately it would come to £141) and is available in the Debenhams St Enoch store, but be quick as they’re expected to sell out! ** Just realised there’s currently 15% off so you’re getting it for £89.25 here! **

Clearly knowing my candle love is strong, Harriet also popped in another of the Mon Guerlain candles too!

 –  W A T C H  T H E  V I D E O  –

I could not resist filming some of the gorgeous event – have a little watch below and get all the festive fashion feels!

Many thanks to St Enoch Centre for a great event! For festive opening hours, offers and everything else, visit st-enoch.com.