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Neon pink branding – check. Affordable and stylish – check. Stocked with prosecco – check!

The brand new Moxy Glasgow Merchant City (it’s located right beside High Street station) has all the components for a good base for a girls’ night out in the city and the team invited us along to try it out for the ultimate girls’ night in.

There was pizza, prosecco, pyjamas and pillow fights with a giant bear. Just your average Wednesday night really.


Before I get into the pillow fighting bear, let’s chat quick about the Moxy Glasgow Merchant City, Glasgow’s new affordable yet seriously stylish hotel. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill reception. There’s plenty of fun and games (literally), neon quotes and areas to chill.

The rooms are great as a simple but stylish setting to get ready with the girls (with a full length mirror for all the outfit selfies), a nice bathroom with lots of counter space for your makeup and a v. comfy bed for a kip after a night of cocktails.


As soon as we checked in for Moxy Glasgow’s blogger slumber party, we were greeted with a cocktail. A good sign always.

After a bit of what to wear worries (nothing causes outfit panic between a group of girls like not knowing whether you should be wearing your normal clothes or your pyjamas – the stress that you’ll walk into a room and be the only person wearing PJs whilst everyone else still looks normal is real), we all embraced jammies and headed to the chill out area downstairs.

First task of the night: a cocktail scavenger hunt! As someone who would never want to be involved in any sort of sport at school, I was actually surprised at how competitive I got – maybe cocktail sports should be a thing?

We won the hunt, but our poor cocktail was beaten by the other team’s, which I have to admit was actually nice, if not potentially lethal if you were to drink more than one!


It’s not everyday you walk into a room covered in feathers and a giant teddy bear, but it was quite the Insta Boomerang opportunity.

Pillow fight photo opps with the unsuspecting bear, it was movie time with pizza, popcorn, nachos and hotdogs.


Checking out was easy, breakfast was chilled and you’re so close to Glasgow’s main shopping that it’s a perfect location to walk into the city centre.

The ultimate girls’ night out hotel!

Thanks to Moxy Glasgow Merchant City and SKAPA PR for a fab stay! All words + opinions my own.

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