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Ever feel totally stuck in a rut? Like no matter what you do, nothing is ever going to change so you just kind of go from day to day on autopilot and just accept that low vibe?

I’ve been like this for a while. It’s hard to get yourself motivated when you’re in a cycle of negativity, so I knew when Victoria mentioned the BossBabe London retreat, it was like a sign from the universe to get my shit together.

Brian and I have just bought a house, have a wedding to plan, I don’t have a million pounds in the bank, so a trip to London didn’t seem the best financial move, but – weirdly – 10 minutes after I booked my ticket, I was reimbursed for a bill I didn’t realise had been incorrectly paid and it was nearly the exact amount of my trip! Thanks again, universe for confirming I’d made the right choice!

I’ll chat more about the BossBabe London retreat later, but I wanted to share a few of the things that it’s helped me see and focus on.



I’ve been so busy recently that I’ve made a lot of excuses for eating badly, not exercising and only meditating when I actually remember about it once every few weeks.

I know now I’m really setting myself up for a bad work week if I’m not taking care of myself, so I’ve spent this week (I was already off on annual leave this week, so good timing) trying to put things in place so that self care is top of my priorities, whether that means saying ‘no’ more to after work events or meal prepping at night.

No more excuses.



I love a good list, but I’ve got a bad habit of writing a daily to-do list, but not actually getting through it and feeling so disappointed in myself.

This week, I’ve been writing lists and sticking to them and it feels so good. I’ve still enjoyed some time just chilling, but I’ve loved working through what I really want to do business-wise.

I’ve also bought the one journal notebook so all my lists are in one place.



Probably the biggest takeaway I had from the BossBabe retreat was that you can do anything you put your mind to.

I’ve been trying to be so much more positive and kind to myself and it’s already made a difference, both in my personal and business life, right down to some really exciting opportunities coming up that I’d never even considered before this week.



Okay, so I’m still getting my head around this one, but I’m trying to worry about money less and invest in things that will make my life easier and better, from paying more for parking to be closer to an appointment rather than battling the elements to taking myself out for a coffee.

I’m really working on this, especially after spending quite a lot of my life feeling guilty about spending and worrying how long it is until pay day, when realistically I’ve never had real money worries.

Invest in yourself – it will pay off for us all.


Something I’ve been meaning to do for ages is make a beautiful vision board for my office/dressing room and I finally created it!

It felt so nice to get creative and have a visual representation of all the things I want for the weeks, months and years ahead. I’ve got so much still to do, but this feels a step in the right direction of a fulfilled life.

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