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I’m not going to lie and say I’ve always been a massive Kat Von D Beauty fan.

It’s not that I purposely hadn’t tried the brand, but my look is more nude lip/smokey eye and I always thought KVD’s makeup was for more of a statement look, to say the least.

I’m so glad the brand invited me in or I’d never have realised how good – and wearable – their products are, whatever your preferred look.

When I head to the Glasgow city centre counter, it’s a pretty good time for KVD. Not only is Kat Von D Beauty in Debenhams Glasgow celebrating their 1st anniversary of the counter opening, the cruelty-free brand has also just launched some new products ahead of their 10th anniversary.

My makeup artist on the day is Nina (who thankfully understands my love of a nude lip/smokey eye – I’m totally not brave enough for any of the more bold colours) and she starts with the perfect base. The Lock-It Foundation is one of KVD’s ‘hero’ products – and I can soon see why. My skin looks airbrushed, but still not overdone. She also uses the dreamiest foundation brush ever to apply and I mentally add it to my beauty wish list.

Nina totally gets the power of a good brow and introduces me to some of the new arrivals. She uses the Signature Brow Precision Pencil to create the most full but natural brows ever (seriously, if Nina could come do my brows every day, that would be fab).

She then used the new Brow Struck Dimension Powder to give my brows added dimension and volume. It’s waterproof too and smudge-resistant, something I can vouch for after the glorious Glasgow weather decided to do its best to wash away my made-up face.

Finishing my look, we go for one of the new Studded Kiss Creme Lipsticks in a pinky nude and Nina expertly blends the Shade and Light Eye Palette to create a seriously smokey eye. I look ready for a v. glam night out, which is unfortunate since I was actually heading to the M&S food hall then back to my desk, but at least I looked my best when buying lunch.

The photos below of the finished look were taken around 5 hours after my appointment so you can see it’s got seriously good staying power.

If you fancy getting yourself your own Kat Von D Beauty makeover, you can head to see the fab team at the Debenhams Glasgow counter. It’s worth noting too that Debenhams is the exclusive stockist of KVD Beauty so make sure to pop in or check out the collection online.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m away to try and perfect my KVD inspired brows..

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