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 –  E N G A G E M E N T S  +  S U R P R I S E S  –

In April this year, my sister got engaged – in front of Cinderella’s castle in Disneyland Florida, no less! She asked me to be her chief bridesmaid during the summer and, since I wasn’t really feeling myself, I hadn’t managed to organise anything for her.

Beth and her fiance, Greig, had an engagement party in August, where we celebrated into the wee small hours alongside her other bridesmaids; Greig’s two sisters, Fiona and Kirsty, and Beth’s best friends, Natalie and Heather.

With the months flying past so quickly, we hadn’t managed to get a bridesmaid day out – until now!

 –  C O T E  B R A S S E R I E  –

As you’ll know from my blog post before, I love Cote Brasserie Glasgow for a Sunday brunch. I knew the team would be so helpful and the food (and Champagne, of course) is always amazing.

I got in touch with the brasserie who kindly had a table ready and waiting for our arrival – complete with a bottle of Champagne chilling!

I worked with Scottish favours company, Just A Wee Favour, to create little mementos for the bridesmaids and Beth and headed in early to set up. You’ll see in my video below that I was just a tad nervous!

 –  C H A M P A G N E  B R U N C H  –

I’m so glad we pulled it off and managed to surprise Beth. I’ve never surprised anyone before so I was scared I’d mess it up!

I must have looked nervous when I had finished decorating the table as Cote’s lovely manager even gave me a mimosa to calm my nerves!

I loved the relaxed vibes of our brunch – it was such a perfect setting to mark our first bridesmaids day out!

 –  T H E  L I T T L E  D E T A I L S  –

As I said, I worked with Just A Wee Favour on these custom made gifts.

There was a gorgeous ivory box for Beth and pink for us bridesmaids. They all had a cute little Lulu Guinness Vaseline, scent bag and heart shaped chocolate. The girls all loved them, such a nice reminder of the day.

 –  W A T C H  T H E  V I D E O  –

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