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It’s October, the nights are drawing in, coats are becoming cosier and Halloween is fast approaching. It might seem odd then for me to start talking about summer swimwear, but hear me out.

If you’ve read my post on mental health, you will know I’ve had to take some time out the past few months. Although a quiet break Ibiza might not have been the cure for how low I was feeling, the first few days were actually filled with laughter and relaxing in the sunshine with my boyfriend. At that point, I honestly thought I’d be feeling much better soon and ready to return to work when I got back to the UK so things really seemed on the up and I felt happier with my body thanks to Leanne Conroy and her Female Fitness Programme. Unfortunately, I ended up feeling seriously down by the end of the week and things went from bad to worse with my anxiety.

My holiday was a turning point for me. It gave me periods of clarity; of wondering when I would be back to blogging, back to work and back to myself. It was during one of these times that I decided I was going to do a very ‘normal me’ thing and take some pictures, in the hope one day they’d make it onto the blog – when I could face ever opening my laptop again.

I hadn’t really looked at any pictures from holiday since we got back until a few days ago. It was almost a painful reminder of what should have been one of the happiest weeks of the year, but over two months on, I feel stronger. I finally looked through the pictures and, do you know what? I like me.

Before all this happened, this horrible time of my life, I would have obsessed over the images. I would have tore myself apart, worrying my hair wasn’t sitting right, that my boobs should be bigger, that I could have found an even better backdrop. Now though, not so much.

I’m never going to be the most confident person at the pool, but who of us are? I did feel my best swimwear self in this particular white swimsuit, though. It felt kind of important to wear the piece from UK Swimwear when I was away as it was one of the last things I was sent before I was signed off work. It made me think of all the posts I had planned when I first got it, like a flashback into my normal. The swimsuit itself made me feel glamorous too, a reminder of my usual style. It’s weird how a garment can help lift your mood; it can give you that little bit of confidence you sometimes really, really need and for that, I’m so thankful (especially for the oh-so flattering v-cut that I would never normally have tried).

So yes, with the most sentimental swimwear post you will ever read out the way, autumn may now commence – and I cannot wait to fully embrace it after a rather challenging summer. Here’s to body confidence, whatever the season.



White Deep Plunge Swimsuit* | UK Swimwear

Hat | Boohoo (similar here)

Beach bag | Next

Earrings | Primark


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