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Ever find a fashion trend you love, but your boyfriend looks at you like you’ve went mad? It’s fashion, darling! I’m still trying to get these in my size, but hear similar styles are coming into New Look and Zara so fingers crossed!
I’ve been using Smashbox’s contour kit for ages, like years. But, alas, all good things come to an end and I had to part with the trusty palette. I’m trying to save more money this month so decided to try out the recommendation of Sleek’s version which I picked up in Superdrug.
If you read this post, you’ll know I’ve had a longtime love for leopard print and these caught my eye as soon as I saw them in store. I’ll wear them with skinny jeans and a baggy top for daytime and leather shorts for night.
I’ve always been partial to a lace up detail so the corset micro trend that is filtering through has me a little big excited. I think this is a perfect nod to the trend without being overkill and is still daytime appropriate.
I find it really hard to find new perfumes I like, but this is just perfect. I got this as a birthday gift and have been wearing it for going out ever since. The bottle is pretty too!
You can’t go wrong with a basic lace bralet, so pretty under a slightly sheer tshirt or as an extra layer under something you feel is just a bit too low.
Ah, H&M. Where would we be without you? I’ve been on the look out for this type of pendant for months and let out a little yelp of excitement on seeing this for under £4. Never change, H&M xoxo.
I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but I seem to break every phone case I buy. I’m hoping to buy this one and have more luck as I love the print.
Since it’s the law that you must own as many marble items as possible when you start a blog, I can’t resist looking at this cute jewellery box. It’s still sitting in my basket so maybe this is the month I’ll go to checkout.
Oh Gucci, why do you have to be so good at the moment? Maybe one day, little bag. I love the light colour and, of course, the GG gold.
What have you been buying this month? Leave me a comment or tweet me @rachellawler_.


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