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A few years ago, I had a bit of a leopard print obsession. The print dominated my wardrobe, covering bags, shoes, leggings, dresses, pyjamas…
I cringe when I think of a time I matched a leopard print clutch bag with a different type of leopard print shoe, I think this was around 2007 so I’m going to pretend that makes it okay (just look at Kim K from then, I think it’s safe to say it was a bad year for everyone). I went cold turkey on leopard print soon after and started to wear new trends, but I will admit a good print always got me excited. I now know, leopard print is okay in small doses (but never, NEVER as a pair of tights unless you’re doing some sort of fancy dress – another previous fashion faux pas from me).
2016 leopard print is so much more chic and stylish. Zara said so and Zara are always right. I currently have my eye on the leopard print biker jacket and love the white shirt with the little print pocket (as does most of the UK it seems) so I’m ready to indulge in some of my favourite print. I picked up these leopard print trousers in the H&M sale, planning on wearing them in the comfort of my own home (I believe the term would be ‘lounge wear’). When I put them on I was actually pleasantly surprised, they were much more wearable that I thought and – bonus – they are literally the comfiest trousers I have ever worn.
2007 me would be so proud that I finally found balance in leopard print. I like the peachy pink tone against the print and wearing a black, grey or white tshirt gives a nice subtle take on the look. A pair of heels really makes the trouser perfect for heading out, but I also wore them with white trainers and a leather jacket for travelling and loved the laid back feel of the outfit.
Will you be wearing leopard print this season? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Trousers H&M (similar here)

Tshirt H&M
Duster coat Missguided
Shoes Next (similar here)
Belt ASOS (similar here)
Sunglasses Moschino
Bag Pretty Little Thing (similar here)

Bracelet Michael Kors (similar here)

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