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I have no idea how full time bloggers do it! The blogger guilt is real when life gets in the way of posting, but I have had my reasons, I promise!

 Lots has changed in the past few weeks, along with some lovely events and products I have started using too so I thought I would round up everything in one quick post.

Puppy Love
If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a little pup pic of the new addition to my boyfriend’s family, Kassie the Labrador. I am a crazy dog lady (sorry cats, you are not the one for me) so this new family member has made my life! She’s settling in nicely and is growing up so quick. I think I talk about her so much, strangers presume I’m talking about my child until I bring out my phone to show them the 4000 pup pictures I’ve taken so far. She’s starting puppy training classes this week, so hopefully I can one day get her to sit still enough for a quick outfit post with me, bribed with doggy treats and tummy tickles.

Foodie Loving
The blogger event calendar is always a bit quieter in the summer so I was excited when I got the invitation for Halloumi’s launch evening. This new Greek addition to Glasgow’s food scene is seriously yummy, myself and Victoria enjoyed lots of traditional dishes with plenty of pitta bread and dips (okay, and a few proseccos – not Greek obviously but we think it worked). Think of the eatery as Greek tapas, lots of sharing plates, all really affordable too. We headed here a few days before my holiday and it certainly got me in the vacay mood with the Mediterranean influenced interior.

Lets Go to the Beach
I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the sheer amount of #HolidaySpam which infiltrated my Instagram feed, but holiday locations just make for much better outfit posts. Myself and Brian enjoyed a week of sunshine, pina coladas and all-inclusive buffet in Santa Susanna. I won’t say too much now as I will be doing a post this week on the full holiday, but it was a much needed trip!

Hair Goals
I never really know what I’m doing with my hair. One minute, I want to cut my hair again like last year, the next I’m pining for my long locks. I’m currently growing my hair longer to give myself more options, trying my best to keep it healthy with regular TLC. Colette at GloDry East Kilbride sorted my colour pre-holiday to introduce some more ashy blonde tones, but it’s going to take a few visits to get it to the exact colour I want. She recommended Bleach London’s silver shampoo and conditioner so I’ve started using that on the ends of my hair and it does gradually seem to be making it ashier.

Dream Job
The main reason I’ve been so quiet for the past few weeks is something I am so excited about and delighted I can finally share! I have started as a features writer with Scottish Wedding Directory! I honestly could not be happier, it truly feels this is the job I’ve been waiting on forever. It’s been a whirlwind of leaving my marketing job, heading on holiday, arriving back on the Saturday evening and starting with SWD on the Monday morning so I’ve not had a second to even get near my laptop. I’m hoping the more I can time my new schedule, the more I can find time to blog – that’s the plan anyway!

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