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There’s something just so beautiful about a classic watch, I think it’s one of those things that can be sentimental yet stylish.
I got my first ‘proper’ watch for my 20th birthday which I have worn nearly every day since, I feel lost without it on my wrist. That’s why, when I was invited to the first Scottish preview of British watch maker Bremont at Silverburn’s Chisholm Hunter event I was intrigued to see all.

Sipping Moet and indulging in some yummy canapes in the Silverburn showroom, Giles English (who co-founded the Bremont brand with brother Nick in 2002) unveiled the new prototype watches and gave us a really nice insight into the brand itself. Each Bremont watch is built by hand in limited numbers and is classically designed which really makes it something special.
To get a little bit technical, all the watch cases use Bremont Trip-Tick construction which includes a hardened steel bezel element with sapphire crystal. The central body section is built with a titanium or DLC treated middle barrel, and the back is made from steel and crystal and is water resistant to 100m as standard and has interchangeable straps to allow the wearer to customise their look.
I may sound too style focused when I say this, but what really speaks to me in a watch design is, well, how nice is it going to sit alongside my outfit? Important factor, I think! The ladies designs are really nice and classic, a bit different from the styles I normally look at but on seeing the watches up close, I loved the quality of the leather strap and the design of the watch face. What do you think of the watches? I would love to hear what you think!

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