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I love this time of year when the leaves are still crisp on the ground, before the trees become completely bare and we end up getting battered by the proper winter weather!
I loved this little kilt inspired skirt from Primark (instore now) as soon as I saw it – the only thing is I was really aware not to make it look too ‘preppy’ if that makes sense. I didn’t want it to look like I was trying to emulate Clueless (as fabulous as Clueless is) so I thought a thick knit was the perfect balance to make it a bit more chic. I had been after this grey polo neck for ages but Debenhams Silverburn didn’t have the size 8 on the shopfloor so I may have robbed a mannequin of this one! It’s sleeveless so it’s really good for this time of year – not too hot and not too cold. I’ve worn it loads already and its long enough to wear over leggings for day to day comfort.
As you will see below, I was having a little trouble with my over knee boots. I got them from Next last year and, as much as I love the look of them, they just don’t seem to want to stay up on my legs. I know this might not seem like a problem to many – infact if I ever mention it I always feel like people roll their eyes and think its ridiculous that I’m moaning about having thin legs but honestly, they accommodate for wide fit on the high street, where are the slim fit options at?! I think I’m going to check out the new Ted & Muffy Edinburgh store as they fit and measure you to your perfect boot fit which sounds like just what I need!
Tartan kilt skirt – Primark
Polo neck – Debenhams
Over knee boots – Next similar here
Bag – Michael Kors
Pom pom (worn on bag) – River Island similar here
Jacket – Mango 
Tights – H&M
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