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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a Style Editor now blogger, it’s that I do love a Debenhams event. The PR team, Eve and Laura, put so much effort in to their events so when an invite from the lovely ladies lands in my Inbox, of course I’ll be there!

This month is all about the bra in Debenhams, or rather making sure you’re wearing the right bra. Recent studies show that the majority of women are wearing the wrong sized bra so the department store are encouraging women to #knowmysize and make sure your lady lumps are getting the support they need/deserve. Debenhams offers a free bra fit service all year round, but until 25th May you are getting £5 off a bra when you get a bra fit and spend £30 or more on lingerie.

On Thursday, I headed to Debenhams Argyle Street for a bloggers brekkie (muffins and smoothies with the cutest little straw I’ve ever seen? Yes please). One of the senior buyers for the Fuller Bust range had came to Scotland for the occasion and gave us an insight into the design of one of the bras; I have admit, there is so much more involved than I thought in getting each and every bra into store. She also gave us the first look at some of the new collections coming instore soon including a Fuller Bust strapless bra that has zero underwire but gives the most amazing support – a must-look for any of you boasting a larger bust.

I must admit, I can’t even remember the last time I went to get a bra fitted. If I’m really honest, I have resigned myself to the fact I’m never going to have a mega big bust and this has made me a bit lazy in making sure I’m wearing a bra that gives me support. I have worn a 32B now for as long as I remember and, as I spoke to other bloggers before the fitting I really don’t think any of us thought we were wearing the wrong size.

How wrong I was! One of the bra fitting experts got me fitted quickly (no tape measures or removing bras needed) and I was shocked when she told me I was a 30D – what?! I still didn’t believe her until she brought me some bras in this size to try and I was amazed at how it not only felt a better fit, but it it looked so much better too. The only downside? Having to now phase out my existing bra collection!

Make sure you get to Debenhams for a bra fit ASAP – I swear I left feeling like I’d had an instant boob job going up 2 cup sizes in 5 minutes! Find out your nearest store and more bra fit info here.

* All bloggers were gifted with a bra and pant set by Debenhams. I chose the Ultimate mega boost bra (RRP £22) and matching thong (RRP £7.50), available here.

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