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If you’ve read my Barcelona post, you’ll know I love a little mini break – especially when it involves cheap flights! Okay, so Ryanair is hardly luxury but their prices are just too good that I can’t resist. Admittedly, Ryanair and other budget airlines do manage to hike the price up as soon as you add a hold bag onto the cost.

I am a bit of an over-packer (understatement) so the thought of trying to fit everything I would need into hand luggage filled me with fear. Just how can you fit all your toiletries into that one tiny plastic bag AND make them all 100ml or under? And that’s before even thinking about clothes, shoes, bags..
On a recent trip to Marbella for a hen weekend I even surprised myself and didn’t give in to my original plan of just paying the money to put an extra bag in the hold (£60 return to do this btw, which seemed silly for 2 nights). The good thing about Ryanair is you can take on a small carry on suitcase and a handbag which is much better! I thought I’d share with you the little packing essentials I found really helpful in packing light.

Perfect to keep in your handbag and an ideal amount for just a few days – they are really moisturizing too!

I always try have a smaller sized bottle of  one of my favourite perfumes – this is great for travelling and still has the lovely charm detailing. If you’re really struggling for space, sample sizes are great.

3. Malibu 20 SPF Lotion, £1 at Savers
This was a last minute buy but for this price I wanted to buy about 20! It is ideal for a short trip instead of buying an expensive larger bottle at Duty Free.

4. Creightons Bronze Ambition instant tan, 99p at Bodycare
I hold my hands up, I wear fake tan every. single. day. My favoruite normal tan is Sunkissed Mousse in Medium, but it doesnt come in 100ml or less size. This is a great alternative and smells amazing.

I’ve tried so many tan mits, but this has got to be the best and most durable I’ve tried.

Small but effective, this was a getting ready essential and so easy to fit in my bag. It charges with a USB wire which can plug into your Apple plug too.

7. Girls With Attitude fake eyelashes, £1.99 at Savers
I’d never tried these before, but I’ve seen a few bloggers use them so thought I’d try them over my usual Eylure fix. I highly recommend, even the glue is good unlike other cheaper lash brands.

9. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner, £1.50*
I love this shampoo and conditioner, it is so nourishing and still gives plenty of volume. The extra hydration also is a bonus in the warmer climates and controls any frizz.

10. 100ml bottles (part of set), £1 at Primark
These 4 clear bottles and one small lipbalm-size container are lifesavers in taking your favourite getting-ready lotions and potions without having to source a travel-size product. Plus, they are so cheap you don’t feel bad if you don’t have space to bring them back with you.
I always try and make sure to have a small hairspray with me to give a bit of a volume boost so this size is great for travelling and for everyday use.

* Part of Superdrug 3 for £3 on selected travel size products

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